How can I decide what is right for me?


Exploring thoughts and feelings about sex is perfectly normal and a natural part of growing up. Maybe you’re thinking about sex, maybe you have already had sex or maybe you are thinking about waiting. It’s your choice to make. One of the biggest decisions that many teens face is whether to have sex. This is [...]

How can I decide what is right for me?2017-07-28T13:37:05-06:00

Why should I wait to have sex?


Does it seem like everyone around you is having sex? Guess what? They’re not! Half of all teens have not had intercourse (Center for Disease Control). It’s okay to say no! There are many great reasons to wait: You are 100% protected against STI/STD There is 0% chance you will get pregnant You may not [...]

Why should I wait to have sex?2017-07-28T11:50:08-06:00

What are consequences of unprotected sex?


If you become pregnant, it affects: Your education Your freedom Your dreams and your future If you get an STI/STD, it may lead to: Pain Embarrassment Rejection by future partners Serious long-term health problems (STD’s cannot be cured only treated) Difficulty having children in the future Death

What are consequences of unprotected sex?2017-07-28T11:45:21-06:00

How do I correctly use a condom?


Before sex: Sex means not only vaginal intercourse but oral or anal sex. Always use a condom for any sexual activity to best protect yourself and your partner. Use a new condom for every sex act. Infectious organisms are transmitted through lesions, pre-ejaculate secretions, semen, vaginal secretions and blood. Tear open the package carefully. Do [...]

How do I correctly use a condom?2017-07-28T11:42:42-06:00
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