Birth Control

When should I talk with my son or daughter about sex and birth control?


Talking with your teens about sex and birth control does not mean you are giving them permission to have sex. In fact, parents who talk to their teens about pregnancy, sex and birth control have teens that start having sex later and are more likely to use birth control and condoms when they do start. [...]

When should I talk with my son or daughter about sex and birth control?2017-07-28T15:20:37-06:00

Why should I talk with my child about this?


You are a role model for your son or daughter - the best person to talk with your child about sex, birth control and making smart choices. Being open and knowledgeable may bring you closer together and lets your child know he or she can always come to you for answers to questions. You ensure [...]

Why should I talk with my child about this?2017-07-28T15:19:23-06:00

How do I prepare for the talk?


You may feel uncomfortable or nervous talking about these intimate issues. But isn’t it better to talk about birth control before a pregnancy occurs? Think about your feelings and what your son or daughter will feel talking with you about birth control and sex. You each may feel embarrassed discussing the topic. Your child may [...]

How do I prepare for the talk?2017-07-28T15:18:06-06:00

What should I cover?


Explain The Basics Avoid pregnancy by not having sex or using birth control Using birth control means taking charge of himself/herself and the future; choosing whether and when to become a parent and the best type of birth control. Not using birth control and having sex is a kind of choice but pregnancy is more [...]

What should I cover?2017-07-28T15:13:16-06:00
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