Explain The Basics

  • Avoid pregnancy by not having sex or using birth control
  • Using birth control means taking charge of himself/herself and the future; choosing whether and when to become a parent and the best type of birth control.
  • Not using birth control and having sex is a kind of choice but pregnancy is more likely to occur; there is no “safe” time of the month
  • A man and woman are equally responsible for an unwanted pregnancy.

Explain the Birth Control Choices

Abstinence: Choosing not to have sex is the best option for teens

  • Abstinence is safe with no side effects
  • No worries about STDs
  • Many teens are likely abstaining even if they say they’re not

Condoms: A good choice for teens who have sex

  • Condoms are made of latex and fit over the penis like a finger of a glove.
  • They are 98% effective when used correctly every time
  • Inexpensive and readily available
  • Latex condoms help protect both partners from STDs, including HIV

Pill, Patch or Ring (girls): These release hormones to help prevent pregnancy.

  • The pill is a small tablet taken at the same time every day.  The patch is worn on the skin and changed every week. The soft, flexible ring is inserted into the vagina and changed monthly.
  • These methods are more than 99% effective when used correctly.
  • You need a prescription.
  • They do not provide any protection from STDs.

Explain About STDs

  • STD is spread during vaginal, anal and oral sex and sometimes by genital touching.
  • Always use a condom even using another form of birth control.
  • A person may not have any symptoms of an STD and can infect another person unknowingly.
  • STDs cannot be cured – only treated.

Encourage your son to talk with his girlfriend and your daughter to talk with her boyfriend

  • Talking about whether or not to have sex may make them closer and build respect for caring enough to talk
  • They can support each other in staying abstinent
  • If they decide to have sex, making a choice together increases the options and safety for both partners.

Emergency Birth Control

  • Decide if you want to talk with your daughter about these options if a method is damaged, wasn’t used or used correctly.