Sometimes people don’t like to use protection for sex, so it can be helpful to think about how you might respond if you’re ever with a partner who doesn’t want to use a condom. Remember, you have a right to protect yourself and your health, and using condoms is a way to take care of your partner too – so you’re not being selfish at all.

Talk this over with your partner before you start to have sex. The two of you might even want to select and buy condoms together. When it’s hot and heavy it might be easy to have sex without a condom “just this once.”

Plan ahead and have condoms with you if you think you might want to have sex. Don’t rely on your partner to have condoms.

Talking gives you a chance to decide together how you are going to protect yourselves from STD and unplanned pregnancy, build trust and become closer and enjoy sex more because you aren’t worried about STD or pregnancy.

Talking Tips:

  • Think about what you want to say ahead of time
  • Sort out your feelings and know why you want to use condoms
  • Come up with ways to start the conversation
  • Find a calm, quiet time to talk
  • Talk before you’ve started to have sex