Even if you have had sex before, it’s okay to say “no” now. There are many reasons to choose abstinence such as an unplanned pregnancy or getting a sexually transmitted disease (STD) such as HIV, HPV or herpes.  Studies show most teens who have had sex wish they had waited longer.

There are many reasons you may have had sex:

  • You may have been in love and wanted a way to show it.
  • Maybe you had sex when you didn’t want to.
  • Maybe you were drunk or high.
  • Afterward, you may have realized you really weren’t ready.

No matter what your reasons for having sex were before, it is OK to say NO now. Stick with your limits. It’s your body and your decision. You have the right to choose not to have sex now.

Don’t worry about what others think or say – be true to yourself.

Find people who support your decision. Tell a close friend, parents or trusted adult.

Avoid drugs and alcohol which may get in the way of sticking with your decision.