The fees at Reproductive Healthcare of the Big Horns are all on a sliding scale that is based on the Federal Poverty Guidelines and determined by income and the number of people supported by the income. Guidelines change annually. Those who are determined to be at 100 of poverty are served at no charge. They are asked to donate for their services but no one is ever denied services because of their inability to pay.

Fees for minors seeking confidential services are based on the income of the minor.

Insurance will be billed by RHBH for those clients who are insured.


Clinic fees must be applied to clients on a discount fee schedule based on each client’s gross family income and family size (see attached sample of most current client fee scale). Charges for services and supplies are revised at least once each year to assure that fees are in line with agency cost analysis and area prevailing rates. Clients’ income, family size and source of payment must be determined at the initial visit and updated at each visit thereafter.
Revisions must be made in the discount fee schedule when revised poverty guidelines are received annually from DHHS and submitted to the Council office for approval. Delegates develop their own sliding fee scales based on community standards and costs. Copies of each delegate agency’s revised sliding fee scales must be submitted to the council office by May of each year.

Verification of income is requested. Every effort must be made to determine the client’s ability to pay and no one will be denied services because of the inability to pay.

Clients who qualify (at or below 100 of poverty) are not charged a fee but donations for services are always encouraged.

Clients at 101 of poverty or above will be presented with a statement of service charges after services are received. These charges are based upon the sliding fee scale described above.

Title X

The purpose of Title X is simple: the provision of contraceptive services and information in order to lower the incidence of unintended pregnancy, to improve maternal health by doing so, and to prevent recourse to abortion. That was its original purpose, and that is still its purpose today.

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